CRM gives Project Managers added value in any firm

21 Feb

If you’re a Project Manager, your value is based on your skills to communicate with various clients, subs and contractors; to manage a budget; and ensure your projects get completed on time and within budget, right?  Today’s Project Managers have added value if they bring in business or at least contribute to business intelligence regarding clients and upcoming projects. How do they do that? They have a network and they share what they know with others in their firm.

The easiest way to share information with key players in your firm is to employ a CRM system that enables you to easily share conversations, activities and other interactions related to bringing in business to your firm. The old days of a Project Manager awaiting his or her next project is over. The AEC world is too competitive to not have a CRM helping you analyze which clients and owners value your services, who in your firm has cultivated those relationships and who will continue those relationships once staff retire or leave.

Sharing your network with others in your firm does two things for the Project Manager: 1) enables the Project Manager to grow his or her own network by seeing where contacts intersect with each other either on an Opportunity or Project and 2) shows management that the Project Manager is a team player.

Your firm will find you infinitely more valuable if you can contribute to the firm’s client and opportunity intelligence. By sharing your collective knowledge through a CRM, everyone is able to extend their network and leverage existing relationships to find new work in unexpected ways.

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