The Invisible Bike Helmet - Another Best of Breed Solution

12 Nov

Sometimes it's the things you don't see, don't know exist or couldn't predict that protect and empower us. It takes years of research and expertise to craft the right solution. Without the perfect mix of people, technology, and innovation, building a best of breed solution is impossible. This video about an invisible bike helmet exemplifies the success of this approach. The problem: Bike helmets are clunky, uncomfortable, and make it impossible to maintain a coiffed hairdo. Solution: A fashion forward, invisible bike helmet that protects without being uncomfortable and messing up your hair. Be safe and look good doing it. Here's how:

We appreciate their dedication, focus, and resulting achievement. At Cosential, our primary goal since 1999 has been to understand how AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) firms manage their businesses and relationships so that we can continue to build the best CRM and Proposal Automation solution for them.  By focusing on one vertical, we've been able to identify problems before they arise.  For instance, Marketing, Accounting, and Project Managers often want to call a project by their own name. Without having the option to classify a particular project with various names, searching and publishing become a nightmare. Building a proposal with with hundreds of details related to personnel and past projects should be as simple as possible. That's why we keep that data in a predetermined place that's easy to mine and populate into a submittal.  And of course you need AEC industry professionals to walk you through best practices along the way.  You're not going to want to buy a bike helmet from someone who specializes in turkey basters and you shouldn't trust your business intelligence to a company that doesn't understand your business. While Cosential doesn't literally save your life, our clients repeatedly tell us stories about how it saved relationships and helped them win work. We'll take it.

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