Overcoming Holiday Mailing Madness with Cosential

17 Nov

Holiday Mailing MadnessAs the holidays quickly approach, Cosential can simplify the holiday mailing madness.

  • Track and organize holiday mailings using Cosential’s Mailing List feature to create multiple lists such as card and different levels of gifts.
  • Easily create multiple custom reports to facilitate review of holiday lists by decision makers (try the Contact Report's Business Card layout for a great review format).
  • Denote who will sign each card by designating the Contact "Owner" relationship.
  • Discover the number of cards required per company by using reports to identify if multiple Personnel ("Owners") need to sign a single card.
  • Quickly update Contacts and mailing lists using the Contact grid.
  • Ensure accurate addresses for your mailing lists using Cosential's “Verify Address” feature to confirm and standardize Company addresses according to the USPS.
  • Print holiday mailing labels via the Contact Report's "Contact Mailing Label” function or via creation of a custom report to use as a merge source table.

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