Dan Cornish

Chief Executive Officer, and involved in the AEC industry for over 30 years. Spends all his free time with his family, children and three dogs.

Cosential's Contact Grid is a Huge Time-Saver for AEC Firms

09 May

We're all excited about the extreme ease-of-use of Cosential's new Contact Grid. Check out Dan Cornish, Cosential's CEO, sharing a quick overview:

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A New Study Identifies the Top Factors Impacting Construction Software Purchases

09 Apr

A recent Software Advice study analyzed purchasing trends of new construction software. Not surprisingly, they found that the top reason firms pull the trigger is to increase efficiency.

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Best Practice Tips to Increase User Adoption

26 Mar

Courtney Kearney is the CRM Manager for Hill & Wilkinson General Contractors and serves as the facilitator for the Dallas/ Fort Worth Cosential User Group. She is also a frequent writer/speaker on the topic of CRM and user adoption. Courtney’s approach has been used to...

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Technology is on the rise in construction

19 Mar

The Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry is undergoing a broad transformation in how it uses the latest technology to improve profitability and productivity. Some of the most interesting developments are catapulting us into a virtual world of robots,...

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Business Development Benchmarking for A/E Firms

11 Mar

How do business developers in the Architecture / Engineering (A/E) industry spend their time; and how could they be more efficient? PSMJ recently released their 2013 Fees & Pricing Benchmark Survey Report outlining the allocation of business development efforts within the A/E...

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Women in Construction

08 Mar

  In recognition of Women in Construction Week, we took a closer look at the available statistics on women in the industry. The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) President, Yasmine Branden said, “Women in Construction Week is a time in which we celebrate our...

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AEC firms with Oscar-worthy Stories Win - What’s your Story?

04 Mar

Great stories help Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) firms win projects. Ideally, the theme of any story for a proposal or interview is how the firm will surpass the expectations of the client. With a CRM like Cosential, firms gain insight into characters and plot...

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Teaming to the Top: CRM is the Secret Weapon for Subconsultants

24 Feb

Firms that engage in teaming need a CRM that understands the concept of teamed opportunities. Subconsultant firms have to team up with a Prime Consultant (typically an Architecture or Construction firm) to win business.  One of the challenges when you’re not the Prime is getting...

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CRM gives Project Managers added value in any firm

21 Feb

If you’re a Project Manager, your value is based on your skills to communicate with various clients, subs and contractors; to manage a budget; and ensure your projects get completed on time and within budget, right? 

Today’s Project Managers have added value if they bring in business...

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Networking Strategies That Bomb

06 Feb

The thought of networking can strike fear in the hearts of many, including some of the best business developers. A room full of unknown faces. An evening of uncertainty. What will you say? Who will you talk to? How long do I have to stay?

These are just a few of the thoughts that...

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