Dan Cornish

Chief Executive Officer, and involved in the AEC industry for over 30 years. Spends all his free time with his family, children and three dogs.

3 Key Questions to Diversify Strategically

27 Jan

The financial collapse of 2008 changed the way a lot of architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms managed their businesses. It was the death of the Go / No Go for firms that didn’t have a strong marketing department guiding their efforts and the birth of the ‘chase...

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You Did What? 5 Proposal Blunders that Shouldn't Happen

22 Jan

We’ve all taken proposal classes. Read books and blogs on how to write proposals. Yet, we as an industry continue to make major faux pas in the pursuit of client work.

How does this happen? Oftentimes we’re on short deadlines, we reuse old proposals, or we just plain let our egos...

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Rolling out your Rebrand

15 Jan

You’ve spent all this time and money rebranding your firm. Now what? You may have changed your firm’s name, logo, mission statement, website, boilerplate text, and more.

How do you ensure compliance across all offices? How do you remove the redundancy associated with each office...

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5 Tips to Launch LinkedIn Success

03 Jan

With well over 250 million users worldwide, LinkedIn has become the top tool for Business networking online. Over the last few years, I’ve built my network to more than 2000 connections and used these connections to build deeper relationships, win business, expand Cosential’s...

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Our Holiday Yearbook

06 Dec

Instead of creating a generic holiday card this year, we decided to add a more personal touch. The holiday card we sent out is a yearbook, featuring a few of our employees' childhood pictures along with a fun factoid or anecdote about each person, framed as what they were "most...

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Gift Guide to Inspire the AEC-minded Child

26 Nov

Don’t wait for the next “Take your kid to work day” to explain your profession.  Use this holiday season to buy presents for your wee ones that provide an experiential taste of the AEC world.  Below are some suggestions to engage with your child and share your passion for the...

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4 Quick Tips for Cosential Training

22 Nov

1. Control the terms of the training sessions. Keep it short. Training sessions can be online or onsite and sometimes a combination of both. Sessions are most effective when kept to 1 – 2 hours in length and focused on a specific portion of Cosential (e.g., Entering Companies and...

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Useful Hit Rate Reports

14 Nov

Hit rate, or the ratio of jobs won to jobs pursued, is one of the most common and useful metrics for marketers and business development professionals. When you visit a doctor for a physical, she will likely use different tools to assess various aspects of your health.

By focusing...

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Best Practices for Project Lifecycle Management

11 Nov

One of the differentiators of Cosential is the ease with which you can move a project through the project lifecycle. We’ll outline below some AEC best practices, as well as recommended reports and workflows to take a project through the Lead, Opportunity, and Project modules...

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Are Proposal Automation and CRM necessary in a growth period?

18 Oct

For many Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) firms, the economic downturn of 2008 caused pain. Business was scarce and firms had to find ways to increase efficiency and cut costs. The need for CRM increased to help bring in new business.

But what happens when there's...

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