How to Build a Collaborative Sales Culture at Your Firm

How to Build a Collaborative Sales Culture at Your Firm

The days of only door-to-door salesperson are over. Today, sales can happen anywhere—in day to day conversations, at conventions, in business meetings, and of course, on the internet, in the form of everything from podcasts to comments boxes on blog posts. Most significantly, today, sales is a team effort.

You don’t have to be a “salesperson” to be involved in the sales process. Just by simply talking to people about the company, you are spreading the word about their services. Now, let’s talk about the sales funnel. At the top is awareness, which is, not surprisingly, the process in which the consumer becomes aware of the existence of the product or service. This is a function that every employee at an AEC firm can engage in.

So, how can you create awareness for your company? Don’t worry, we’re not at all talking about you changing your lifestyle in any way.

Social Media

By simply listing that you work Construction, Inc. on your Facebook page with a link to the company’s fan page you are promoting awareness of the company. Also, if your Linkedin account connects people to the firm, they can potentially explore the company’s page and see what they’re doing.

Do you have to post a Facebook status everyday about exciting events happening at the firm? No, that’s not necessary, and probably wouldn’t be appropriate for your Facebook friends. But if your company posts something interest feel free to share it.

Local Networking Events

A really great thing about working at a fun and exciting company in the AEC industry is meeting new people. Now, you don’t have to look at this as a sales pitch. You’re not pitching anything. If you can have a = conversation about your work, what you do, and the kind of company that you work for, it’s creating awareness in people to know that the company exists and it gets your companies name out there.

Know What You’re Talking About (or Know Someone Who Does)

Remember that on your Facebook page, LinkedIn, and when you meet people, that you do represent your company when you speak about it, so you should sound confident in what you talk about. If someone has a question that you might not know the answer to you should be able to refer people who would be more appropriate to answer that person’s question.

Overall Idea Here:

There’s no gimmick in AEC sales. That’s why the sales funnel exists—to show us how this process works.

What there is, though, is far better than a gimmick—an opportunity to work as a team, to help each other out, and have each other’s backs. It’s an opportunity for mutual respect and team-building. Now go out there and spread the word about your company!

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