Rolling out your rebrand

Rolling out your Rebrand

15 Jan Posted in Marketing by Dan Cornish

You’ve spent all this time and money rebranding your firm. Now what? You may have changed your firm’s name, logo, mission statement, website, boilerplate text, and more.

How do you ensure compliance across all offices? How do you remove the redundancy associated with each office implementing the changes? How are you going to alert clients and prospects? Your Customer Relationship Management solution should help you accomplish all of these things.

If your firm doesn't utilize a CRM, then you have minimum control in rolling out your new brand. You may have to send an email with all the changes to various offices and departments and hope they take the time to make the changes to the content stored on their personal computer.

Then, you can only hope that they use the most updated version when presenting your firm. A CRM can simplify and streamline the rebrand rollout process by empowering key marketing staff to update your templates and knowledge bits and store them in the Knowledge module.

Then, it’s easily accessed by anyone in the firm, anytime, anywhere without further changes from additional users.

This solves many problems, including lack of compliance, quality control, inefficient access to rebranded items, and delays in retrieving those elements. It even cuts out the need for localized adoption efforts.

Having employees in all of your offices making the same changes to their templates and knowledge bits opens your firm up for multiple points of failure and inconsistencies. This ability to have one change instantaneously rolled out firm-wide ensures that everyone is using the same, most updated information.

Plus, this approach gives your company’s chosen administrator the power to control the knowledge bits, which leads to a much higher rate of compliance.

Another issue is effectively notifying clients and prospects of your firm’s updates. Hunting for and sifting through the most current spreadsheets of staff-members in order to send a mailing is inefficient and problematic.

Cosential’s Contact Manager tracks all information related to clients and prospects so that it’s simple to create mailing lists for postcards or eblasts. Spreading the word of your new look and feel has never been easier.

If you’re not using a CRM to help manage these firm-wide initiatives or if your CRM doesn’t offer these capabilities, you’re wasting time and resources.

There is a better way. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of CRM and how Cosential can help your firm be more efficient, sign up for a free demo.

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