Tag, you're it

   What's Your Tagline?

“Just do it” succeeds as a universally known tagline. Nike has a knack for plastering it on billboards, shoes and professional sports team jerseys. It’s recognizable, to the point, and consistent. Taglines are a company's quick pitch to help people better understand their firm’s purpose. It’s a way to get creative and make a brand stand out. When people browse websites, they seldom land on the “About Me” page, but in the revolving world of social media that moves at a 140 character, minute-by-minute speed, a catchy tagline can capture an audience’s attention in an effective way.

Here are some of our our favorites spanning multiple industries:

The Beck Group – Their new tagline, “Think Design Build” is a clever way for them to feature their integrated approach of building an in-house team to include Architecture and Construction personnel, which is a big differentiator for their firm.


Verizon- “Can You Hear Me Now?”Good”- Their tagline is comical and relatable. Verizon stands out by saying no matter where you are you’ll always have cell phone service.


Lays- “Betcha Can’t Eat Just One”- Seriously, who here has ever had only one Lays chip? I sure can’t. Lays targets our senses. Now I’m hungry thinking about how delicious they are. Bravo!


Southwest Airlines- “Ding! You are now free to move about the country”- This tagline features the popular inflight ding passengers hear when the seatbelt sign turns on/off followed by their spin on the in-flight announcement, “You are now free to move about the cabin.” Everyone who flies knows the freedom of the Ding.

What’s your firm’s tagline? Does it create a visceral reaction, evoke a sensory experience, or highlight your differentiator? Cosential’s tagline is “The CRM and Proposal Automation Solution for the AEC industry”. It leaves the reader knowing exactly who we are, who we serve, and how we differentiate as a firm.