What Is Digital Disruption? (and Why Should You Care About It)

23 Feb

When was the last time you were watching primetime TV and a pop-up ad scrolled on the bottom of the screen? You were just sitting there trying to enjoy a football game or CSI, and all of a sudden an infographic with moving images started dancing around like a mini-film being...

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The Importance of Remembering Your Employee’s Birthday

18 Feb

In How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie has his famous fourth principle: “Become genuinely interested in people.” And one way he did that was by remembering everyone’s birthday. Carnegie famously kept a birthday book where he wrote down people’s birthdays, and...

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Best CAD Software

11 Feb


Via flickr by Steve Jurvetson
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UX Spotlight

18 Nov

Deep in the heart of Texas, the cowboys and cowgirls of Cosential have been searching for ways to corral information faster. We found a solution and are excited to share Quick Search with y’all

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Tag, you're it: The power of branding your AEC firm

28 Oct


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CRM in 140 characters or less

14 Apr

While attending the 96th Annual AGC Convention in Puerto Rico, the majority of attendees we chatted with didn’t know what CRM was or if their firm even had one.

Questions like “How do you manage your leads, pipeline and relationships?” most often garnered a shrug, but sometimes a...

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Cosential Mobile Hits the App Store and Google Play

20 Nov

Your business takes you everywhere. Cosential goes with you.

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Leverage Your Firm's Technology Assets to Attract a Multi-Generational Workforce

20 Nov

To successfully attract the best multi-generational Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) talent, it is essential to understand the importance of technology in building a powerful workforce. According to ACEC’s magazine, Engineering Inc.,

"Two-thirds to three quarters...

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90 Minutes of Stellar Networking

30 Oct

Cosential WOW 2014, our annual user conference, was a huge success. From the presenters and food to networking and workshops, our customers experienced a whirlwind of learning and activity. 

One standout event was the Monday night photo scavenger hunt CASH (Cosential Austin...

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Quick Tips to Improve your Go/No-Go Assessment

11 Jun

When designing your Go/No-Go process, it's helpful to leverage the metrics you’re already tracking like relationship strength, competitive analyses, teaming partners, internal resources, hit rates, etc. to make more strategic decisions on which projects to chase.

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