Message Regarding Deltek/Axium Acquisition

05 Jun

As you may have heard, Axium has been acquired by Deltek. As we have for 15 years, Cosential will continue to connect to all AEC financial systems as well as the AEC tools that matter most to our clients' success.

We look forward to working with Axium and Deltek to ensure the...

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4 Quick Tips for Cosential Training

22 Nov

1. Control the terms of the training sessions. Keep it short. Training sessions can be online or onsite and sometimes a combination of both. Sessions are most effective when kept to 1 – 2 hours in length and focused on a specific portion of Cosential (e.g., Entering Companies and...

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How to Promote CRM User Adoption

10 Jul

When you roll out a CRM, you face the challenge of getting your firm to use the new system. This process starts with successfully training your staff. Users who aren’t properly trained won’t use the CRM, preventing your firm from reaping the benefits of a well-implemented system. If...

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Mapping Business Processes for AEC firms

07 Jun

Mapping your business process gives you insight into how your whole organization flows and uncovers bottlenecks in workflow. It's the best way to see opportunities to improve your firm's processes. With a more streamlined process, you can boost productivity, eliminate waste, and...

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5 Best Practices to Prepare your Data for a CRM implementation

04 Jun

Preparing your data for import doesn't need to feel like an insurmountable obstacle. These tips will help you stay on course so that you can meet your data cleansing milestones. While some firms choose to overlook this task, ignoring the state of your data can cost you more in time...

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