The Importance of Remembering Your Employee’s Birthday

18 Feb

In How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie has his famous fourth principle: “Become genuinely interested in people.” And one way he did that was by remembering everyone’s birthday. Carnegie famously kept a birthday book where he wrote down people’s birthdays, and...

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Tag, you're it: The power of branding your AEC firm

28 Oct


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Guest Post: A Look at the Difference Between How Buyers and Sellers Perceive Professional Services Firms

13 Dec

There are countless metrics for rating professional services firms: repeat business, expertise, reputation, technology, hit rates… take your pick. But just as important as any of these metrics (if not more so) is how potential buyers perceive your firm.

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Our Holiday Yearbook

06 Dec

Instead of creating a generic holiday card this year, we decided to add a more personal touch. The holiday card we sent out is a yearbook, featuring a few of our employees' childhood pictures along with a fun factoid or anecdote about each person, framed as what they were "most...

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Gift Guide to Inspire the AEC-minded Child

26 Nov

Don’t wait for the next “Take your kid to work day” to explain your profession.  Use this holiday season to buy presents for your wee ones that provide an experiential taste of the AEC world.  Below are some suggestions to engage with your child and share your passion for the...

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Why Successful Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Firms Bust Silos

08 Aug

All Architecture, Engineering, and Construction firms have silos. A silo is a division of information within a firm and the corresponding data and communications that are relevant to many, but only accessible to a select group. How can you remove them? Why should you? Eliminating...

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Turn Mistakes into Personal Capital

28 Jun

When we make mistakes, and they will happen, it gives us the opportunity to learn, grow and build trust in those fractured relationships.  The AEC industry is built on trust and strong bonds.

In any relationship, when you mess up, you need to own your part and sometimes -- even...

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